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The world, our nation and Pilot International are facing many challenges today.  Our district will meet these “opportunities” with determination, courage, and commitment as we have in the past 86 years.  We must prepare ourselves to accept change and move into the future not forgetting the past but learn from it.

Presently, our state is home to 30 Pilot clubs stretching from Pensacola to Miami.  We have hosted 11 International conventions. We have had eight International presidents one being Ruby Newhall, from the Pilot Club of Gainesville, for whom a scholarship program for international students is named.

The Pilot Scholarship House Foundation was chartered in 1962, which answered the need for a statewide project that all Florida Pilots could support. We are unique in offering three scholarship houses. The University of Florida, Florida State University and Florida Gulf Coast University respectively, to women with high academic achievement, motivation and a financial need.   We are in partnership with the Southern Scholarship Foundation, which oversees the houses.  Over 500 young ladies have benefited from this program.

Pilot sponsors Anchor Clubs in middle school and high school. Members volunteer many hours to improve their schools and communities plus learn leadership skills that will last a lifetime.  Florida has the largest Anchor membership in Pilot International.

Our clubs around the state have been involved in many projects to help improve the quality of life in our communities.  In 2001, “BrainMinders – Protecting Your Brain for Life”, was introduced.  Pilots went into the schools and taught children with the use of puppets how to play safe and play smart.  Children were given coloring books and a certificate of completion.  In 2004, Pilot Clubs began sponsoring Project Lifesaver an Emergency Response Mobile Locator.  Clubs partnered with local law enforcement to help distribute bracelets to people who were most needy and suffered from  “wandering syndrome”.  Clubs have help fund St. Jude’s Research Hospital with a letter writing campaign each year. In 2007, a treatment room was named at St. Jude’s in recognition of the Pilot International Foundation.  Pilot Walks are organized to help fund research for Alzheimer’s disease each year.  Our clubs are distributing bike helmets to help protect children from traumatic brain injury.  In 2013 Pilot International introduced the “A.B.C’s”.  A, Anchor Clubs youth development and leadership. B, Brain safety and fitness.  C, Caring for families in times of need.  Contact the Pilot Club nearest you about becoming a member today.  We would love to have you join our GREAT Organization.

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